Beauty Dose

Beauty Dose offers edible organic skincare supplements made from clinically proven ingredients for beauty inside and out.


Brand Name

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Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Verbal Identity


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The Truffl

Beauty Dose believes true beauty is more than skin deep. It doesn’t just reflect our faces and our bodies, but also our spirits and our souls. More than a skincare company, Beauty Dose aims to spark a shift in consciousness and self-love that results in beauty inside and out.


Unlike most beauty products, which are applied topically, Beauty Dose is added to food and drinks. The idea of putting something inside your body in order to promote external beauty inspired each aspect of our brand discovery. We examined other practices that could spark beauty from the inside out, including self-care rituals, mindfulness, and wellness and worked to incorporate these elements into the company’s brand.

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Brand Model

We helped Beauty Dose develop their business model as a direct-to-consumer brand offering subscriptions to skincare supplements. In addition, we created A Daily Dose format for single use, A Weekly Dose format for a weekly subscription, and a Monthly Dose offering a 30-day supply.

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Brand Strategy

We identified an opening in the market for Beauty Dose to offer products appealing to Gen Z and Millennial consumers with the most efficacious ingredients possible. Next, we build a dynamic personality that we titled “The Rebel Healer.” It blends a badass, feminine and individualistic edge with a commitment to authentic personal and spiritual growth. Finally, we grounded the brand in the idea of shifting consciousness, sparking positive habits, and making spirituality and well-being sexy and dynamic.

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Brand Identity

To build on our strategy of promoting authentic beauty, we used close-up macro imagery of real people throughout Beauty Dose’s branding. The company’s color palette symbolizes the benefits of its products promoting Beauty, Moisturizing, and Detoxification. A system of stickers helps bring a fun youthful spirit to the brand. And the brand’s icon was created by intervening their logotype to present a bold, yet elegant standalone symbol.

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Verbal Identity

We named Beauty Dose with the idea of maintaining a youthful edge and spirit while being descriptive enough to clearly communicate their product benefits. As a new category of products, we developed the company description “All-Natural Skincare Supplements” to leave no ambiguity as to what their product does. Their brand slogan “Beauty Inside and Out” speaks to both the impact of their product and their company’s guiding mission. Finally, we named their product names, like Monthly Dose of Detox and Weekly Dose of Moisture to connect to the brand name ‘Beauty Dose’ and simply communicate its product benefits.

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We designed three distinct pouches for the brand. Despite its small format, each pouch highlights the product name, key benefits, active ingredients, and social media information. The weekly box includes a removable lid so the product can be sold individually at retail in the same weekly box available for online subscriptions. And the monthly box is an inventive experience that includes a wrapper with brand imagery on the exterior and a calendar on the interior which can be used to track your daily supplement usage. In addition, the packaging experience includes branded stickers to place on your Beauty Dose calendar and a Mantra Card with a positive affirmation that can be stuck to your window or refrigerator to spark positivity.

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Truffl Branding agency took my idea and envisioned it into a brand that captured its identity better than my own words could describe it. Through a series of thoughtfully assembled branding activities, Truffl focused on understanding the concept, idea and then identifying the strategy for Beauty Dose. Truffl transformed our vision and built a beautiful brand with a powerful heart and soul, that exceeded our hopes and dreams for the company.

Cat Rodriguez