Le Bloom

Le Bloom charms with its delightful, romantic, and beautiful flower carts and shops offering customizable bouquets and curated gifts.


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Le Bloom is overflowing with charm as an invitation to be swept away with beauty and reawaken the senses with imagination, vitality, and a love of life.

The Process

Truffl worked with Layne Tenenbaum to conceptualize the Le Bloom's strategy of launching with delightful carts focused on building community with the ambition of opening shops, events, and services. Over the course of the project, we worked closely with Layne to develop not only a brand but a merchandising strategy, web experience, award-winning photography, and merchandise.

Brand Strategy & Voice

Le Bloom's strategy is inspired by themes of whimsy, romance, and escapism along with a fun youthful approach evident by its playful brand name "Le Bloom."

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Brand Identity

Le Bloom's brand identity is most notable for its striking and recognizable blue color found throughout packaging, carts, and collateral. The brand logo is an imperfect, romantic drawing of a flower that juxtaposes perfectly with its striking custom logotype. Typography leans into build headlines offset with charming superscripts. while layouts and illustrations add a touch of whimsy to brand compositions.
The brand's packaging brings these elements to life, featuring its striking blue color, signature patterns, and romantic poetry that creates an experience for both gift-givers and recipient.

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Le Bloom's photography truly shines featuring artful photography of beautiful floral assortments individual stems against soft backdrops, along with lovely bouquets that highlight the brand's signature packaging.

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Le Bloom's web experience is filled with delightful animations and romantic storytelling. The site serves as a source of inspiration for consumers to guide their creation of custom bouquets, along with an intuitive ordering experience for both flowers and brand merchandise.

Truffl has truly surpassed my expectations. Throughout my time working with Truffl, Raphael and the team showcased a clear and streamlined process that made the entire branding journey a breeze. Meetings with Truffl were fun and engaging, resulting in a brand identity that exceeded my imagination. What exceeded my expectations was their incredible attention to detail. They possess a keen eye for aesthetics and design, ensuring that every element of my brand, from our signature blue color to our flower logo, was meticulously curated. Truffl created a visually stunning brand with uniquely captivating packaging that garners significant attention for my flowers. It was incredibly exciting when a customer approached me to say that my packaging was “all over town." Truffl’s commitment to effective communication was evident from the beginning. They maintained open lines of communication, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns I had. Their consistent updates and regular check-ins ensured that I felt involved and valued throughout the process. Additionally, Maddy’s reliable project management skills and organized approach to deliverables meant that everything was completed on time. Raphael, Frankie, Maddy, and Alex have taken my idea and brought it to full bloom. I highly recommend the Truffl team.

Layne Tenenbaum, Le Bloom | Founder & CEO