Based in West Hollywood, Almont is a boutique real estate acquisition and leasing firm creating tailored and exclusive real estate solutions for family offices. The firm has had a pioneering role in the city of West Hollywood, helping attract globally-renowned tastemaker brands and spurring marquee new developments.


Brand Strategy,
Brand Identity

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Almont stands apart from their competition in the staid and traditional real estate services industry because of their cultural awareness, modern taste, and unique approach to redevelopment. 


We helped develop the entire concept for The Dial, including its service menu, programming, and offering for the business by conducting focus groups and interviews with target customers. We also researched the movements towards mindfulness, wellness, and holistic medicine as part of an in-depth competitive and market analysis.

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Brand Identity

The Almont team sought an identity with a black and white color palette, that for them signified urban sophistication. The name “Almont” was selected because the co-founders met as childhood friends at an elementary school located on Almont Street in West Hollywood. Building off of this story, we developed a logotype that was inspired by West Hollywood’s street signs.

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