Green Light

GreenLight is a wellness lifestyle brand making positive health practices accessible and dope, starting with a line of organic lemonade mixes.


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GreenLight is applying the culture and aesthetic of hip-hop culture to the wellness industry with the mission of making self-care aspirational and approachable to a younger, urban audience.

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Through months of discovery with the GreenLight team, we uncovered their purpose as a company. More than simply delivering high-quality beverage mixes, they sought to use their gift of storytelling to recontextualize wellness. Unfortunately, in pockets of our culture today, status is often derived from material acquisitions rather than on authenticity and personal growth.

In addition, wellness isn’t a relatable subject for all consumers and many wellness brands are positioned as holy, unapproachable, and elitist. As such, we uncovered an opportunity in the marketplace to position GreenLight as an elevated streetwear brand with a deeper mission of encouraging wellness.

Brand Strategy

Greenlight’s brand strategy was built around the idea of serving consumers who connect with hype culture that are curious about improving their health and well-being. To do so, we positioned wellness as an object of aspiration and sought, with each of our decisions, to be welcoming and relatable to this community.
To help bring this strategy to life, we developed a brand personality that mixed a rebellious outlook and tone with a deeper mission of promoting healing and self care. Furthermore, we built a unique social and blog strategy around Spotlighting wellness. Rather than including a series of posts on our social media, GreenLight will instead only include one post and story at a time that is focused on a wellness practice made accessible for its audience. For example, one of our first posts will include rapper Wiz Khalifa rapping a guided meditation. The Spotlight will be linked on all product packaging, and create a communal experience with our consumers in which they can all engage the same wellness together.

Verbal Identity

Greenlight’s brand voice is succinct, edgy, and clever. We use the language of streetwear and apply it to our wellness product category distilled by our slogan: Make Wellness Hype.

Similarly, we applied our tone of voice to product naming by calling our products “Wellness Lemonades” and naming our variety pack “The Remix.” Additional messaging is notable for its edgy, witty taglines like “All Juice. No Squeeze,” “Lemonade in a New Light” and “Wellness. Give it a Shake.”

verbal identity

Brand Identity

GreenLight’s brand identity is modeled after an elevated streetwear brand with minimal compositions and layouts paired with disruptive mixed type, and a color story that blends sophisticated neutral colors with carefully selected accents for each flavor.


GreenLight is a sustainable product as its dehydrated mixes allow for shipping without the added weight of water. As such, we created a packaging experience using fully recycled materials paired with sophisticated finishes like matte, silver foil, and metallics. Individual pouches are notable for their minimalism and sleekness, whereas product boxes are designed to be shown off on one’s countertop in order to encourage repeated use.


We developed a packaging experience for a la carte purchases with a metallic silver polymailer paired with a branded sticker. And we created a subscription experience that includes add-ins like a custom metal reusable straw, metallic silver bottle, and informational insert.

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packaging greenlight combined
truffl branding greenlight packaging shipper

Merchandise & Collateral

We developed a set of streetwear inspired merchandise desired to appeal to customers and non-customers alike. This includes a signature hoodie, cap, and collapsible metallic tote bag.

truffl branding greenlight merchandise

Web Design & Development

Greenlight’s custom Shopify site features elevated lifestyle photography, delightful details, engaging hover effects and animations, and thoughtfulness across each touchpoint while always being optimized for e-commerce sales.

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We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Raphael and the Truffl team on GreenLight’s relaunch. It was clear to us from the jump that their holistic approach would prove to be an incredibly rewarding and positive experience.


The team understood the vision of GreenLight and were able to capture and communicate an authentic and welcoming voice within the wellness space. Where they really sing is in their attention to detail. The thoughtful little things that ultimately stack up and create the big movements. That special place where the eye can’t always discern but the heart knows. The tricky balance of simple and sophisticated. The reduction of something to its core essence where one is able to feel the truth of the brand.


We couldn’t be more fired up with how everything came to life, and are super happy that we now have a long-term partner and friend in Truffl!

Chris D'Orazio, CEO Greenlight