House of Leon

House of Leon designs curated collections of furniture and homewares, inspired by global neighborhoods, for individuals who seek to express themselves through their homes.


Brand Name

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Verbal Identity 

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Founded by identical twin brothers with an inherent need to express their individual identities, House of Leon’s purpose is to give people the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to discover and express their unique identities.

Brand Model

House of Leon was inspired by the founders’ parents story of moving to Ojai, California to break away from the confines of city life and forge their own paths -- building lives for themselves rooted in art and living tastefully in nature. In line with this story, we proposed building a brand model around curated collections inspired by a series of aspirational towns around the world, across California, Japan, Morocco, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Brand Strategy

More than simply a furniture company, we developed a brand around artistry, self-expression, and identity. We treated consumers as collectors purchasing artistic statement pieces and House of Leon as curators and storytellers inspiring purchases through storytelling. As such, each aspect of our branding from messaging to identity, sought to inspire and encourage consumers to not only purchase furniture, but to discover their individual tastes and passions by acquiring statement pieces of enduring meaning and value.

Brand Identity

House of Leon’s custom logotype reflects the firm’s worldly and romantic, yet clean and contemporary design philosophy. The brand’s icon is inspired by an ancient Greek bust split in two to represent the company’s founders being twins, identical in appearance, yet with fully expressed individual identities. The brand’s color story mixes light tonal colors based on natural elements like wood, plants, sand, and water and a bright, rich orange that offers a touch of boldness. And brand photography mixes tasteful residential settings with creative and imaginative editorial settings outside of the home to communicate the brand’s mission of sparking discovery and artistry

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Verbal Identity

House of Leon’s brand name describes their inspiration rooted in their father Leon’s home in Ojai and positions the company as a “house” of brands with different collections akin to the iconic fashion houses of Europe. Their slogan “Find your home” offers an invitation to consumers to not only select furniture but undergo a process of discovery to find their ideal lifestyle instead of settling for generic options.

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The TRUFFL team guided us through the branding process with deep understanding of the industry and wisdom helping us dodge mistakes, create opportunities, and not only elevate our brand, but contribute to our business model and merchandising strategy. We could not be happier with the results and would wholeheartedly recommend TRUFFL to anyone who needs a branding agency. Jordan & Steven Neman, Founder & CEO

Jordan & Steven Neman,  Founders & CEO