Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings makes delicious frozen spoonable smoothies made from only organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. Sweet Nothings created a new category of snacks with the ingredients of a plant-based smoothie, served in the fun and convenient format of ice cream.


Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Brand Identity


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In an industry filled with questionable and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, Sweet Nothings stands for the idea that healthy food can, and should, be delicious.


As an early equity partner in Sweet Nothings, TRUFFL has been responsible for all branding, packaging, messaging, and social, creative, and digital strategy. Sweet Nothing's co-founder came to us with an early version of their frozen snack which she first crafted for her newly vegan daughter because she was unsatisfied with the nutritional content of other plant-based snacks on the market. Our team conducted extensive interviews with the company's founders; scoured the competitive landscape across ice cream, energy bar, and smoothie categories alike; helped with consumer tastings; and continues to participate as an integral part of the Sweet Nothings team.


Brand Strategy

Our key finding wasn't just the "what" behind Sweet Nothings, which is that healthy food can and should taste delicious. Instead, we developed a brand strategy based on the "why" behind the brand. Sweet Nothings stands for the belief that eating healthy and nourishing food is an act of self-care that reverberates throughout our lives and those of our loved ones. This has allowed us to create an impactful brand that isn't just about functional product benefits but also speaks to the brand's worldview about wellness, health, and life.


Brand Identity

The visual concept for the brand is based on the name "Sweet Nothings," a phrase you whisper to a loved one. The logo is a combination of a heart which stands for love, and a messenger bubble to represent how our Sweet Nothings might be delivered.


Packaging Description

Sweet Nothings is packaged in single-serving 3.5 oz cups with a spoon under the lid for on-the-go snacking. In order to stand out from other better-for-you ice cream packaging known for wild, childish design, we created a sophisticated and minimal, yet cute package to subtlety turn heads.

In addition to our product packaging, we developed a full packaging system for a Direct-to-Consumer 15-cup Variety Kit, as well as single flavor 12-pack boxes for grocery stores.


Verbal Identity

Sweet Nothings presented a unique verbal identity challenge because the product doesn't neatly fit into existing categories. However, we developed key messaging like "Eat your smoothie!" to educate new customers on our unique value propositions.

Merchandise & Collateral

We designed key print materials, email newsletters, apparel, and swag for consumers, retail partners, and trade shows in order to build closer ties with our customers and partners.


Web Design & Development

We designed and developed a dynamic and unique website for Sweet Nothings that showcases key product benefits and offers a streamlined e-commerce experience. The site features custom animations, motion graphics, and beautifully produced studio and lifestyle photography.


Our photography highlights real, whole ingredients presented in a sophisticated yet playful way, using elegant food styling and farmers market fresh produce.


Social Media

We develop delightful graphic posts for Sweet Nothings showcasing key ingredients, their messages of health and wellness, and key product benefits bringing the brand to life on social media.


Content Production

Each month, we develop new company overview videos and Instagram ads to build brand awareness and drive both retail and direct-to-consumer sales on their website.

In creating our new CPG company, we knew that one of the most important decisions we would make would be hiring a branding agency. Truffl is not just an agency to us, they are now part of our team. Raphael in particular has gone above and beyond, time and again to deliver. He took us through discovery exercises, helped us create a mission, and ultimately core identity. He has brought our brand and vision to life beyond our original expectations. We look forward to continuing our work with Truffl and have 100% confidence in our teamwork together with them.

Beth Porter, Founder