Humbl is a plant-based fast-casual restaurant chain, developed by celebrity chef Matthew Kenney. With every meal purchased, Humbl donates a meal to a hungry child.


Brand Strategy

Verbal Identity

Brand Identity


Content Production

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Humbl believes in living a 'Life Well Fed.' This means making it as effortless and satisfying as possible for customers to choose foods that are nourishing for their minds, bodies, and souls. It starts with creating an inviting and optimistic environment to serve familiar comfort foods that just happen to use only plant-based ingredients. Making customers feel even better about their decision to choose plant-based foods, Humbl helps customers make a positive impact by feeding hungry children on their behalf.


We interviewed key players from the Humbl executive and culinary team as well as target customers, analyzed leading fast-casual and plant-based restaurants, tasted the Humbl menu, and worked closely with interior designers and other external partners. We also invested in the brand and served as their in-house creative team.

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Brand Strategy

Humbl’s brand strategy was based on the mission of helping customers make positive decisions for their health and communities without being preachy or “holier than thou.” Hence we developed the name “Humbl” and used clever taglines and a charming brand personality to make plant-based foods feel fun, approachable, and comforting. 

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Brand Identity

Humbl’s visual identity aimed to be both minimalistic, yet unique, using bright pops of orange and a signature zigzag font that is customizable based on the application. This typographic focus gave us ample opportunities to showcase key messaging across all touchpoints from interior design to social media and packaging.

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Packaging Description

Humbl’s social-worthy packaging uses repeating patterns in our signature font and key brand messaging. Cups play off of our brand name, encouraging customers to “Swallow Your Pride.” Fry boxes humbly state, “It’s Just Potato.” And specialty juice boxes say, “Nothing special about me.” 

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Social Media Graphics

We developed playful, yet sophisticated social media content that brings to life Humbl’s brand identity and focus on high- quality, plant-based ingredients. 

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We are so grateful to the TRUFFL team for going above and beyond the call of duty in developing our brand identity. They took a very average brand identity and turned it into an A+. More than just a look, they infused the brand with meaning and depth, articulating the true essence of what I had in mind for our company. Aside from a beautiful brand identity, TRUFFL developed the name HUMBL and our tagline "Life Well Fed." At every step of the way, the team was patient, dedicated, creative, and had the absolute highest standard possible. By the end of the branding process, we trusted TRUFFL and Raphael implicitly to make important creative decisions themselves.

Paul Mascia, Managing Partner