Developed by FabFitFun, Loft + Lane designs functional and high-quality home goods with wellness benefits for individuals who want to enhance
their well-being.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity
Web Design
Content Production.

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Among a growing market of DTC bedding brands, Loft + Lane believes home goods should not only be stylish and comfortable but also provide busy professionals with effortless ways to improve their skin, hair, and well-being.


We started with detailed competitive analysis, reviewed in-depth market studies, and researched wellness trends in order to develop the unique competitive positioning of Loft + Lane.

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Brand Strategy

Loft + Lane’s brand strategy and messaging speak to a practical and wellness-minded female consumer, overwhelmed by the countless options available for home goods. The brand stands for the idea that “Wellness is Home.” Our homes are more than our sanctuaries; they are also the ideal place to spark fulfillment in our lives, practice self-care, and spark inner and outer beauty each and every night. In line with this brand strategy, we developed an aspirational, yet approachable brand personality focused on personal development, positivity, and gratitude.

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Brand Identity

Loft + Lane’s visual identity aimed to present a feeling of casual comfort and affordable luxury with a sophisticated feminine touch. We developed a full brand system including, seals, custom illustrations, photography treatment and iconography,  which strategically showcase both the nighttime and daytime benefits of the products.

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Verbal Identity

Loft + Lane’s verbal identity aimed to be graceful, feminine, witty, and sophisticated. The client sought a brand voice that  balanced scientifically proven wellness benefits with a friendly, personal tone that one would expect from a home care brand. The result includes a series of clever, yet graceful brand taglines such as: “Rest easy. We’ve researched everything for you.” "A skincare routine so effortless, you can do it with your eyes closed.”  And “Crease Free Skin. In Your Dreams.”

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Loft & Lane’s parent company, FabFitFun, is a female-led e-commerce company that was recently valued over $1 billion which places the firm among the highest valued tech firms in Los Angeles.