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Fat Miilk remixes Vietnamese coffee with an attitude that drips with authenticity and charisma.


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1 overview


Whereas most Vietnamese coffee brands focus on educating consumers about robusta beans and the plight of Vietnamese coffee growers, Fat Miilk takes a different approach. The brand is rooted in sharing the attitude, resilience, and passion of Vietnamese Americans who overcame obstacles on their path to chart a new course.

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The Process

Founded by Vietnamese-American, Lan Ho, a daughter of immigrant political refugees, the brand stands as a bold declaration of her journey and that of her family. Truffl was tasked with creating a disruptive lifestyle brand that boldly stood out among the landscape of Vietnamese Coffee brands with a focus on brand, merchandising, and retail store strategy, along with identity, packaging, and content production.


We studied the Vietnamese Coffee landscape and determined that most companies were focused on describing what they do, rather than why they do it. Through discovery with the Fat Miilk team, we uncovered that their deeper purpose was to inspire individuals to lead more courageous and authentic lives. This energetic call to action aligned perfectly with the benefits of Vietnamese Coffee which is packed with more caffeine and flavor than alternative preparations. 

Brand Strategy & Voice

Fat Miilk celebrates the energetic kick, robust flavor, and cultural pride intrinsic to its products while embodying the resilience and swagger of the brand's immigrant roots. This is coffee for the bold, for those who seek a punch of flavor and energy. More than just aiming to market beverages; the brand is a wake-up call embodied in a cup. Fat Miilk, with its unapologetic authenticity and charisma, aims to make Vietnamese coffee accessible and relatable, blending rich heritage with a vibrant, inclusive ethos. This shines through the brand's messaging with provocative, inspiring, and edgy copywriting including "Vietnamese Coffee That Slaps," a take on the iconic milk ads with "Got Driip?" and its slogan "Driiping with Swagger."

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Brand Identity

Fat Miilk’s brand identity is built around the concept of rebellious sophistication. The brand adopts a minimalist, dark color palette, complemented by bold typography and disruptive text treatments, echoing the spirit of an aspirational streetwear brand with playful twists. The logotype is confident and legible, while the fluid, illustrated “FM” logomark symbolizes milk swirling into coffee, extending to secondary brand marks and a series of patterns.

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Fat Miilk’s packaging is a delicate balance of minimalism and intricate detail. The premium card stock, embellished with deep embossing of the brand's FM logo, and spot UV highlights, transforms each unboxing into an immersive and tactile experience. Each package, with its hidden messages and tear strips, tells a story of heritage, strength, and authenticity. This design approach is not only visually captivating but also symbolically rich, embodying the brand’s narrative. The packaging distinguishes each flavor with colorful coffee drop-shaped stickers that appear to drip from the FM logo, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch while the sides of the box feature spot UV-finished logos and tasting notes. This design language extends across ancillary products like the Phin Filter, Mug, and Vietnamese Coffee Kit. 

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Web Design

Fat Miilk's website makes a suitably bold introduction with a macro video of milk swirling into coffee. The site features thoughtful animations, unique details, and compelling copywriting that continue themes of motion and energy inspired by the preparation of Vietnamese Coffee.

Finding the right creative team is like finding your twin flame of a business partner. It's so rare and so worth the wait when you finally cross paths. I stalked (no shame) Truffl and dissected their case studies extensively before meeting Raphael and his team. Their work speaks intention and precision. Long story short, they are best-in-class.


I've never worked with a team who genuinely wants to know so much about WHO we are, the value in WHAT we do, and WHY we need to exist. We dissected and clarified these fundamental concepts that ultimately drove the direction of our brand's story, messaging, and overall design. The team brought my vision and the essence of Fat Miilk to life and created something tangible. It was an experience I have yet to come across with anyone else.


The best value Truffl brings is their inherent nature to exceed your expectations. They went above and beyond when it came to helping me with additional out-of-scope areas, including our product offerings and growth strategy, while considering logistics, scalability, and overall consumer experience. Truffl provides a real competitive edge - they are a genuine asset to any founder, and I'm lucky to have worked with them.

Lan Ho, Fat Miilk Coffee | Founder