The Rebrand

The Rebrand is a reality television show concept developed by TRUFFL in which a team of branding and marketing experts makeover struggling small businesses. 


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity
Content Production

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The Rebrand’s mission is to encourage the world to be more creative by offering entertaining content that demystifies the creative process and inspires millions of viewers.


We watched countless hours of makeover and reality shows and distilled our rebranding process into the format of a television show.

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Brand Strategy

We developed a brand strategy based on an extremely optimistic and creative worldview that aims to be inspiring, uplifting, dynamic and exciting. We positioned The Rebrand as a modern, youthful take on business reality shows, updated to reflect changes to the business landscape caused by social media and the Internet. 

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Brand Identity

The Rebrand’s brand identity is inspired by the golden age of advertising in the 1950s, blended with modern, forward-looking consumer brands of today to create a classic yet fresh visual language that delivers on the concept's tagline, “The Future is Wow.”

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