The Better Bagel

BetterBrand is a food tech company transforming most carb-heavy foods into the least, starting with The Better Bagel, a delicious, chef-crafted bagel with the same carb content as just two grapes. 


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The Better Bagel was awarded by Fast Company in 2022 as a World Changing Idea. More than simply another food brand, The Better Bagel was built based on the idea of creating a paradigm shift in nutrition in which consumers don't need to choose between the foods they love and feeling guilty.  In short, BetterBrand aims to create a world that unlocks the freedom and pleasure to indulge fueled by the power of technology and progress.


We did a deep dive into disruptive food brands like Sweetgreen and Impossible Foods, technology companies like Spotify and Apple, and fashion brands such as Acne Studios to create a brand universe that reflected disparate aspects of BetterBrand’s unique company promise. Furthermore, we researched deeply concepts of freedom, indulgence, and deprivation and how each effects our quality of life, mental health, and decisions with food and with life. Finally, we studied the target customer psychographic in-depth in order to develop a brand strategy that would resonate deeply while remaining unique and authentic.

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Brand Strategy 

Better’s brand strategy is built off of the simple, yet powerful idea of freedom. We infused the brand with an optimistic, elevated, and inspiring character in order to distinguish Better from other food brands and express a grandiose vision for an improved world free from unnecessary limits and barriers. Most low-carb products focus solely on nutrition. We aimed to claim white space in the industry by creating a dynamic visual identity that would appeal to a wide array of consumers regardless of their nutritional goals.

Brand Identity

BetterBrand is on a mission to design a new future of food, and it’s visual identity is inspired by two complementary themes: Quality and Progress. Quality is represented with elevated, yet minimal touchpoints inspired by fashion. And progress is represented through an innovative visual language consumers might expect from technology brands.

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truffl branding better brand type

Verbal Identity

BetterBrand’s voice is notable for a series of clever and concise taglines that describe key product benefits while maintaining the brand’s dynamic personality. Their tagline “Designing a Better Future of Food” speaks to their grandiose vision. The iPhone of Bagels positions the brand alongside the world’s most beloved consumer brand, rather than just another food product. And playful puns like “Lower your carb footprint” infuse some humor to lighten an otherwise minimal and elevated brand experience.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging BetterBagels are packaged in individual boxes and four back bags that both are reminiscent of Apple packaging with an added touch of friendly elegance. Key product benefits are highlighted as “features” and visual comparisons simply demonstrate nutritional call-outs.

truffl branding better brand bag 2
truffl branding better brand packaging

Direct-To-Consumer Packaging

BetterBrand’s DTC packaging creates a memorable, momentous, and minimal consumer unboxing experience that highlights clever brand messaging like “Grainchanging Technology” and “Lower your Carb Footprint.”

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Merchandise & Collateral 

We designed elevated, yet playful fashion items like the “Leave the Carbs Behind Sweats” and “Lower Your Carb Footprint Sandals” to create covet worthy pieces that would extend the brand’s reach.

Brand Applications

We created a wide array of ads, 3D renderings, branded assets, and content to bring Better’s brand to life with an engaging personality while retaining a modern, technological feel.

truffl branding better brand merch web

Website Design & Development

BetterBrand’s website uses dynamic 3D renderings, delightful animations, and considered details to create a best-in-class elevated shopping experience that powerfully tells their brand story. We partnered with Milan-based Sentempo Studio to execute upon this ambitious 3D website design.

truffl branding better website
truffl branding better brand web mobile


We collaborated with Audrey Ma to create food photography that blended the modern, technological brand feel with styling that speaks to the product’s chef-crafted flavor and deliciousness.

truffl branding better brand photography art
truffl branding better brand photography

Social Media Graphics

BetterBrand’s social media comes to life by exploring the idea of comparisons. Graphic content highlights Better nutritional benefits by comparing their products with other foods, such as a bagel containing the same carb content as two banana slices. In addition, we positioned Better as a relatable, modern, improved choice like an iPhone compared to a pager. Finally, 3D renderings present Better as a delicious, elevated and futuristic food by placing it in unique settings like outer space.

Hiring Truffl is the best decision I’ve made as a founder.  They created a brand that captured the heart and soul of our company, translating it outwards in a way that differentiated us and drew in early evangelists and investors.

Raphael and the Truffl team are insanely talented, and we are lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them. From day one, we were completely blown away by the process, insights, and work. Along the way, their involvement and passion made us feel like we were their only clients. Truffl is much more than an agency to us, they are now partners and friends that I couldn’t recommend more wholeheartedly.

Aimee Yang, Founder & CEO