Jupiter is a home fulfillment service that helps busy people and families effortlessly stock their home with groceries and essentials.


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More than just another delivery service, Jupiter’s mission is to help create more fulfilled homes. Jupiter helps members put groceries on auto-pilot with their AI platform that tracks consumption and adjusts weekly orders, so its members never run out of their most-used items. Plus, each Jupiter member gets access to a personalized fulfillment team who shops and stocks items in their fridge and pantry. The result is magical as customers arrive home to a fully stocked home with all of their favorite items.


We engaged in in depth brand discovery meetings with Jupiter’s founding team, interviewed numerous existing and prospective customers, and researched competing services from Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart. Our research helped us quantify many previously unknown benefits of the Jupiter service as customers were saving money each week, eating healthier, cooking more often, saving time, and feeling like they were better in control of their home lives. Through this process, in addition to branding, we helped with overall corporate strategy and repositioned Jupiter as a full platform to help bring order to the home lives of busy professionals.

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Brand Strategy

By managing all aspects of grocery ordering, shopping at multiple stores, and stocking your fridge and pantry, Jupiter helped busy professionals save time, money, and mental bandwidth all while promoting a healthier lifestyle.  So, we positioned Jupiter as a “Home Fulfillment” service that not only fulfilled your fridge but also helped customers create a more fulfilled home life, with more time and energy to spend on things that mattered to them. We also needed to address major hurdles for new customers, as many people had privacy concerns with Jupiter teammates entering their home to stock items. To assuage these concerns, we developed a friendly and innocent brand personality that would engender trust. We also aligned the brand with a social mission by highlighting how Jupiter helps customers eliminate food and packaging waste.

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Brand Identity

Building off of our brand strategy, we designed a brand identity that is notable for its friendliness, trustworthiness, and optimism. We used a vibrant color palette, delightful imagery, honest typography, and a visual theme based on Jupiter’s otherworldly name to help bring the brand identity to life.

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Custom illustrations and animations feature space themes, wholesome grocery items, and happy families. In addition, we use hand-drawn illustrations on top of photography to give images an other-wordly branded feel.

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Verbal Identity

To stand apart from competitors in the ‘grocery delivery’ space, we developed Jupiter’s tagline as “Fulfilling Your Home.” Why “Fulfilled”? Jupiter does more than delivery. They stock your home and give you the extra time and money you need to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Previously, Jupiter had a large number of competing and often confusing messages about how its service worked and the benefits members received. Instead, we distilled Jupiter’s key messages to three main points that brought clarity to their messaging 1) You get a dedicated team of thoroughly trained, vetted professionals to shop for you, 2) You get a system that brings order to your kitchen, and 3) As a busy professional, you get more free time.

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Merchandise & Collateral

Grocery delivery is often an invisible task. So to bring some visibility and develop a connection among Jupiter teammates and its members, we developed personal “Fulfillment Notes” that teammates leave behind in members’ fridges. The notes include a tip on how to find fulfillment over the next week, such as practicing gratitude, drinking more water, or meditating.

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Social Media 

Our social media strategy helped Jupiter build closer ties to its local community with helpful recipes, food photography, user generated content, and images interposed with key illustrations and animations.

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TRUFFL delivered a brand identity that our customers and team absolutely love! Furthermore, their insights transformed and elevated our business completely,  helping fundamentally improve how we describe and how we market Jupiter. They turned some of our biggest challenges into our biggest opportunities. TRUFFL's dedication and talent would be an asset to any company and we are so grateful for their partnership. 

Anna Pinol, Co-founder