Construct offers full-service real estate solutions, with a speciality in general contracting, by working in close partnership with developers to help bring their visions to life.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity


The brand stands for a special idea about how business in the real estate industry should be conducted. Real estate is as much about building long-lasting relationships as it is about constructing buildings.

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We interviewed the founder of Construct, reviewed his portfolio of work, and dove deep into his process for each project in order to identify key insights into what made Construct stand apart in the industry.

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Brand Strategy

Construct’s brand identity was built on the idea that good business is a social construct in which values matter. The brand’s position blends world-class execution and professionalism with a single-minded focus on treating clients like family and maintaining an honorable reputation.

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Brand Identity

Construct’s brand identity features a logotype and icon set that could be used across different touch-points ranging from their website, key marketing materials, and client-facing presentations. We employed a minimalist layout and grid system that allows beautiful photography to take center stage with a treatment style that highlights powerful architectural structures, bright interiors with natural light, and textures found in modern buildings. 

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Raphael and the Truffl team were an invaluable partner in developing our brand from start to finish. In addition to branding, they went above and beyond in helping us refine our company strategy. The process of working with them was informative, educational, exciting, and fun.

Truffl had a sixth sense for deciphering why we were launching our company and what made our approach special and valuable. And they brought these ideas to life across each aspect of our brand identity and messaging.

Their beautiful and thoughtful work has helped us stand apart in an otherwise bland industry. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Gabriel Shalom, Company Principal