The Dial 

The Dial is a Members Club and high-end spa that offers busy professionals massage and spa services, wellness events, and healthy dining options designed to help disconnect from the demands of modern life and reconnect with themselves.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity

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Being constantly connected to work and social media can make us feel overwhelmed. We all crave opportunities to escape the noise of the modern world and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls without needing to leave town on a vacation.


We helped develop the entire concept for The Dial, including its service menu, programming, and offering for the business by conducting focus groups and interviews with target customers. We also researched the movements towards mindfulness, wellness, and holistic medicine as part of an in-depth competitive and market analysis.

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Brand Strategy

Building on our key customer insight, we developed a brand strategy to position The Dial as an anecdote to modern life that fits neatly into your daily life. The brand personality and messaging were designed to spark a sense of mysticism and wonder that invites members to not simply seek spa services, but also seek inside themselves. 

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Brand Identity

The visual concept centers around its geometric logo that symbolises the sun, self expression radiating outward, and a sundial. Typography selections connote a sense of ancient mysticism and order. And collateral materials use natural materials like wood and stone that connect members to nature and authenticity.

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TRUFFL has a unique skill at bringing a vision to life. With The Dial they captured an ambiguous concept and deliver a thoughtful strategy and brand identity that is both meaningful and beautiful.  They went above and beyond the scope of work to deliver the best result which is a rare quality.  This is the third company I’ve worked with TRUFFL on and I would not start a new venture without their expertise and talent.

 Jason Larian, Owner