In Good Taste

In Good Taste is a global winery that encourages people to try new wines. They scour the world to discover unique, highly-rated, and meaningful wines offered in single-glass bottles as part of wine tasting kits available to try in your home or on the go. 


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity
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More than simply being a brand about wine, IGT is a brand that encourages consumers to meet them on the quest for discovery, try new things, and step outside of their comfort zones. 


We did an exhaustive analysis of the DTC wine industry, along with companies across other industries that aligned with our target customer profiles. We interviewed target customers and company principals and company strategy meetings to develop IGT’s brand architecture, voice, product mix, and more.

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Brand Strategy

The key insight we uncovered is that many consumers find meaning in discovering new things, including wine. However, the wine industry can be intentionally confusing, snobby, and expensive. With IGT’s single bottle format, the brand was uniquely positioned to encourage consumers to try new wines with less risk and expense. As such, we developed a brand identity around the ideas of discovery and seeking meaning in consumers' every day lives. 

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Brand Identity

We build a full design system for In Good Taste that could be applied to the company’s future business plans ranging from DTC online sales to in-person wine shops and retail sales. 


Building off our themes of self-expression and identity, IGT's brand is notable for the use of a unique logotype and headline font which can be customized in thousands of ways. In addition, we designed an IGT icon, in the shape of a wine glass creating a standalone symbol to represent the brand across packaging and other applications.

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In Good Taste’s  custom illustrations are based on the different regions of our palettes on our tongue that help us taste. These symbols build off of our brand strategy by representing both individuality and good taste.


We packaged In Good Taste wines in 375 ML glass bottles, which unlike many canned wine options available on the market, maintains a level of elegance and connection to full bottles of wine.


In addition, we developed a system of new brands and packaging labels based on flavor profile and taste. Building off of their name 'In Good Taste,' this system allowed us to, for example, group wines that are fruit-forward together, creating a convenient and unique way for customers to discover wines.


We developed unique custom labels for each brand built off of their evocative names. This helped each wine brand to stand alone as unique, memorable, and exceptional.

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Stealing Thunder

Stealing Thunder is a collection of fruit forward wines.  Based on this name we created a label based on pop art with a die cut lightning bolt cutting through the label. Photography built off this theme of weather with raindrops and clouds creating a moody feel.

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Fortune Favors

Fortune Favors is a collection of bold, experimental wines. As such, we created a label and photography built on a theme of sorcery with a label shaped like a tarot card and photography that set in an otherworldly atmosphere.

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La Pluma

La Pluma, which means “the feather” is a collection of light bodied wines. Based on this theme, we created an intricate feather label that wraps fully around the label and created photography that feels light, airy, and portrays a feminine elegance.

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Balance of Powers

Balance of Powers is a collection of medium bodied wines. The name is based on a historical term from WWI. We found an illustration of soldiers from different world powers holding up a globe and used that as inspiration for a custom-cut label of soldiers holding up a wine grape.

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Verbal Identity

In Good Taste’s verbal identity built off of the romance of wine, the joy of discovery, and the connection and meaning that we can create when sharing wine with loved ones. Our copy aimed to push people to get outside of their comfort zone, to try new things, and to celebrate discovery. Key messaging invites customers to “Discover the world, By The Glass” as they “Turn their living room, into a tasting room.”

Web Design & Development

We fully conceptualized, produced photography assets, drafted copy, and designed and developed In Good Taste’s best-in-class e-commerce platform, which has helped the company earn $600,000+ in monthly sales after its launch. 


In Good Taste’s site includes a platform for virtual wine tastings with sommeliers, delightful animations, and unique sections for each IGT wine brand. Launching in 2021, we also designed a full platform for Customized Wine labels, in which customers can create their own brand of wine to gift their friends and colleagues.


We collaborated with Audrey Ma on an ambitious set of photoshoots designed to capture the unique ethos of each In Good Taste brand.  Each wine received unique styling and photography treatments that created a full, distinct visual world.  This imagery helped set IGT apart from other online wineries by creating an elevated, irresistibly stylish look and feel.

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"TRUFFL creates an approachable yet elegant DTC wine brand for In Good Taste from the ground up."

-The Dieline