Kova is a chic blow dry bar that blends Parisian elegance with California glamour.


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Brand Identity


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In a space dominated by DryBar with a highly corporate brand identity, and countless local dry bars, Kova’s uniqueness rests in focusing on a specific and unserved customer. The Kova customer is trendy, sophisticated, stylish, and wellness-minded. She supports brands that fit her modern lifestyle and share her values.

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In addition to engaging in customer and client interviews, we researched countless dry bars and salons across California and top markets in the United States as well as numerous French fashion brands to develop a unique brand position and identity.

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Brand Strategy

Developed by a team of Parisian fashion and beauty experts who saw a landscape of dry bars as overly generic and lacking in character, Kova’s brand strategy was based on blending the style and aesthetic of Parisian fashion with the lifestyle and casual cool of Los Angeles. Instead of positioning Kova as just another salon, we created a full aspirational lifestyle for a jetsetting, stylish, and glamorous where our target customer could feel like she belongs.

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Brand Identity

Kova’s brand identity blends a luxury feel of French fashion with a slight edge inspired by mid-century California. Contemporary, yet sophisticated materials are juxtaposed with a youthful and feminine color palette, typography, graphic elements, and fashion forward lifestyle imagery.

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Web Design & Development

Our custom website features delightful animation, an interactive menu, and prominent lifestyle imagery that presents Kova as an aspirational and glamorous lifestyle destination.

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