Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain is a modern advertising and film production company telling cinematic stories that evoke emotions and spark new outlooks.


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Project Overview

We were approached by director, Jen Araki, and her actor husband, Dylan Playfair, to develop the brand for their Vancouver-based production company specializing in films, music videos, and documentaries. The team sought an identity that would position the firm as a young and innovative, elite, and artistic collective of filmmakers focused on producing meaningful work. We researched other global production companies, viewed the team’s existing film and documentary work, and underwent extensive meetings with the company principals to uncover their authentic story.

Brand Strategy

We developed a Brand Strategy based on the firm’s ambition to prove that Vancouver possesses creative and storytelling talent on par with any city in the world. As such, we positioned the brand as the leader of a community of local creatives telling ambitious and meaningful stories.

Brand Identity

Crystal Mountain’s Brand Identity is notable for its versatile logo system that dynamically adjusts to reflect the company’s film and production divisions. The brand’s clean, yet edgy color palette is balanced by a custom gradient texture that represents the firm’s focus on tackling nuanced and and ambitious subject matter.

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truffl crystal mountain branding identity

We came to Truffl to help create a company image steeped in meaning while crafting a unique, memorable identity. They exceeded our expectations! Truffl created a look and feel that I have not seen with any another production company. Thank you Truffl for helping us create something we are extremely proud of and helping us navigate the uncertain waters of brand identity. With Truffls guidance we have successfully built a strong foundation from which we may launch our company confident the brand carries the same enthusiasm we feel within our company. The sky is the limit, thanks to Truffl. 

Jen Araki & Dylan Playfair, Founders