Counterpart is a chic, all-day brunch and coffee shop

serving delicious, plant-based comfort food to Echo Park locals and visitors.


Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Packaging Design

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More than just another restaurant, Counterpart aims to be a community living room, building an inviting neighborhood feel that welcomes guests and treats them like family.


We visited Counterpart and tried the menu, visited likeminded neighborhood businesses in Echo Park, and traveled around other major cities in the US to find industry leading cafes as competitive references.

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Brand Identity

Counterpart’s brand identity blends Eastside LA urban coolness with an organic, homey neighborhood cafe feel. We used a simple black and white color palette and minimalistic layouts to counterbalance the colorful, vibrant restaurant space and food. And we designed custom patterns inspired by the unique tile in the restaurant, hand drawn illustrations as well as custom seals and inconography.

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Custom illustrations use a human, natural, and imperfect style meant to align with the brand’s neighborhood feel and the organic, natural ingredients used on the menu.

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As a neighborhood restaurant, we thought a neighborhood map featuring key independent businesses in the area would help develop closer community ties. Pressed juice bottles let the colorful juices do the talking, with crafty packaging and simple hand-drawn illustrations.  Takeaway packaging features key brand taglines and witty phrases about brunch. 

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Merchandise & Collateral

With Counterpart’s apparel, we sought to create stylish and minimalistic apparel free from overly corporate-feeling branding that the trendy denizens of Echo Park would embrace.

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Raphael and the TRUFFL team’s vision, level of execution and talent transform Counterpart from being a generic neighborhood cafe to a brand that is unique, friendly, beautiful, and meaningful.

Josh Pourgol, Founder