Uncool Burgers

Uncool Burgers is a fast casual burger chain with an inventive menu where customers can Lose Their Cool.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity
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Uncool stands for the idea that that in today’s social media driven world, we could benefit from not taking ourselves too seriously. The brand offers not just great burgers but a place to “lose your cool,” be yourself, and connect with friends. 


We interviewed key players from the Humbl executive and culinary team as well as target customers, analyzed leading fast-casual and plant-based restaurants, tasted the Humbl menu, and worked closely with interior designers and other external partners. We also invested in the brand and served as their in-house creative team.

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Brand Strategy

We developed a brand and messaging strategy for Uncool based on the idea that in an image-obsessed world, we want to set an example for being yourself, embracing fun, and disregarding conventions. Why? Because life is more fun and fulfilling that way. The brand personality is unabashedly charismatic, provocative, and silly. It inspires others to toss out pretensions and embrace being their authentic selves. In fact, we ask half ironically ask guests to “Never apologize for who you are. Unless you suck.”

Brand Identity

Uncool visual concept is based on Anti-Design, a movement that perfectly aligns with the brand’s “Be yourself” sensibility. It uses repetitive typographic treatment with atypical letter spacing, bold pops of color, and haphazard collage style image placement to create a visual language that feels anti-corporate and unique. The Uncool logo includes a happy face icon which we can apply to different pop culture images and gifs. And numerous custom illustrations, including our mascot Slinky, playfully bring this irreverent, bold brand identity to life.

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We designed key illustrations of signature menu items imbuing them with dynamic personalities. These illustrations are used across all forms of collateral from menu items to stickers and social media assets. 
Gifs superimposed Uncool brand elements over well-known memes in order to sarcastically connect our brand with viral social media moments and poke fun at the idea of social media fame.


Each component of packaging was thoughtfully designed to be an outlandish conversation starter that expressed Uncool’s irreverent brand personality. 

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Verbal Identity

Uncool’s verbal identity relied heavily on puns and situational humor based on the context.  Our fries simply state “Nice Fries Finish Last.”  Our milkshake menu is listed as our MILF Menu, which stands for “Milkshakes I’d Like to Finish.” And our tagline for the brand plays off of our unique brand name: Uncool Burgers. A place to Lose Your Cool.”

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Merchandise & Collateral

As a street wear inspired brand, drawing inspiration from cult fashion brands like Supreme, we developed provocative, fashionable clothing for Uncool that extends the brand story and ethos — and hopefully helps bring consumers some laughs along the way. Our favorite shirt features messaging that states: “We don’t have parking, but we can still validate you, bro.”

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Uncool Coffee

Uncool will be launching an extension of their brand, called Uncool Coffee. Featuring a series of coffees, teas, and all day breakfast items paired with the Uncool brand identity and ethos, we developed an updated brand identity for this burgeoning coffee chain.

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TRUFFL took a generic brand and turned it into a world-class one that we believe can expand across LA and beyond. We gave Raphael and his team free reign and they far exceeded our expectations delivering much more than what was in our original scope of work and creating a brand that means something powerful that is presented in a refreshing and bold way.

Joshua Pourgol, Uncool Owner