Pocketbook Agency is the nation’s leading boutique recruitment firm specializing in staffing domestic and corporate support level positions.


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Most recruitment agencies treat placing candidates as a numbers game. Instead, Pocketbook Agency is committed to fostering authentic connections that yield successful, long term relationships. As such, the idea of genuine relationships is at the heart of each aspect of Pocketbook’s Brand.


We did a deep dive into the recruiting industry, speaking with entrepreneurs and learning about their frustrations in working with recruiters. In addition, we studied the unique process and culture of Pocketbook Agency to uncover their unique process resulting in a high rate of success in placing candidates in long term roles of over 3 years.

Brand Strategy

More than simply seeking a commission, Pocketbook Agency learns about the unique personalities of each candidate and employer in order to create a perfect match. As such, we built a brand strategy based on the idea of Pocketbook Agency being Career Matchmakers, not simply another recruitment agency. In addition, we branded their unique process as The Smarter Staffing Technique in order to create a unique competitive position in the eyes of employers and candidates alike.

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Brand Identity

To set Pocketbook Agency apart from their competition notable for generic, corporate identities, we infused Pocketbook Agency with elevated brand elements akin to a boutique hotel, in order to appeal to its high net worth clientele of executives and families. We created a unique brand insignia and used thoughtful layouts of imagery coupled with a handwritten script to represent the company’s personal touch.

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We designed a set of custom illustrations for positions Pocketbook Agency places, like executive assistants and housekeepers, in order to add some character to the brand in lieu of the typical stock imagery that is default in the recruitment industry.

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Verbal Identity

We developed a brand voice that captured Pocketbook Agencies polished, sincere, and personalized approach with taglines connected to matchmaking and building personal, genuine relationships.

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Web Design & Development

We developed a chic custom website featuring delightful animations and thoughtful copywriting in order to streamline the process for candidates and job seekers alike and highlight Pocketbook’s signature approach.

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