Last Crumb

Last Crumb is a Luxury Cookie Company offering Michelin-star quality desserts handmade in Los Angeles, packaged as luxury fashion items, and sold online via limited-edition drops.


Since launching, every drop of Last Crumb’s $140 cookie boxes has sold out in minutes, amassing a waitlist of 225,000 people and 8 figures in sales. 


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truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookie photography

Last Crumb Brand Essence

Last Crumb’s brand stands for the rebellious idea of never accepting average in life. It is a delicious sugary challenge of sorts for folks to take life more seriously and themselves less so while enjoying a damn delicious and wildly handsome cookie.

truffl branding last crumb dtc food milk splash

Last Crumb Branding Process

As imagined, our process began with a cookie tasting. And we were sufficiently blown away by the product, which was developed over 10 years of testing, that Truffl invested in and became co-founders in the company.


More than just another cookie company, we positioned Last Crumb as a luxury status symbol and elevated their cookies to be treated like fine wines or luxury fashion items, that would be expected from brands like Saint Laurent. This included high-end touchpoints at every step of the customer journey across photography, packaging, messaging, print collateral, content, and more.

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truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookie dough
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truffl branding last crumb dtc food woman cookie

Last Crumb Business Model

We helped develop the Last Crumb business model built around exclusive drops with the goal of building email subscribers through positioning around scarcity and investment in a packaging experience that generates organic word-of-mouth. In the first year since launch, the brand amassed a waitlist of 120,000 customers leading to each drop selling out in seconds.

Last Crumb Brand Strategy

Last Crumb was founded on the rebellious ideas that cookies should be crafted with the same zeal as fine wines, a bakery can thrive online-only, and cookies can be a luxury status symbol. These themes of rebelliousness, and of mastery, were the foundation for all aspects of the Last Crumb brand strategy as we endeavored to elicit feelings of momentousness, humor, and elevation at each stage of the customer experience.


We built a memorable brand personality for Last Crumb that blends the ethos of one of our personal heroes — the culinary world’s rebel-chef-storyteller, Anthony Bourdain — together with the braggadocio of The Most Interesting Man in the World. And we identified and targeted several customer personas including luxury shoppers seeking high-end status symbols, millennial scenesters desiring a memorable social media share-worthy experience, corporate gift-givers wanting an alternative to the typical wine and cheese baskets, and foodies who accept only the best in every bite.

Last Crumb Brand Identity

Last Crumb’s visual concept built off concepts of luxury, boldness, rebelliousness, and minimalism. We sought to create a system that felt premium without being stodgy, and edgy without being wild. To thread that needle, we designed a chic, minimalist brand identity made special with thoughtful, surprising, and often excessive details.


In addition, we created a cookie symbol with XX’d out eyes as a key brand element. The crosses are used as a trademark of sorts — placed over the eyes of models in lifestyle imagery.

truffl branding last crumb dtc food type
truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookie guy

Last Crumb Cookie Packaging Design

As a luxury direct-to-consumer company, a memorable packaging experience is essential to Last Crumb’s success. Each cookie is individually packaged in matte-coated bags, featuring Last Crumb’s signature cookie names, such as “50 Cent” for its Birthday Cake Cookie, in addition to a unique serial number reflecting the batch of cookies in which it was baked. On the reverse side of each bag, we included a full story about each cookie as well as a QR code to join Last Crumb’s mailing list for future drops.

truffl branding last crumb dtc food serial number
truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookie bags

Last Crumb DTC Box Packaging Design

Each set of cookies arrives in custom rigid boxes that create a ‘wow’ moment when opened. The boxes feature custom inserts positioning every cookie at a 45 degree angle for the perfect reveal. 


The final step in the packaging experience is a memorable shipper box that arrives on customers’ doorsteps. While most brands overlook shipper boxes, the Last Crumb shipper is a whopping 3-foot wide box overlaid with a collage of brand photos that will make recipients the envy of neighbors and social media followers alike. 

truffl branding last crumb dtc food box text
truffl branding last crumb dtc food box text local box
truffl branding last crumb dtc food magazine

Last Crumb Brand Voice & Copywriting

The first step was developing their brand name, “Last Crumb,” which plays off the company’s unique business model of selling in limited edition drops, and their focus on quality “to the last crumb.” We developed a brand voice that charismatically brought to life Last Crumb’s personality with copy notable for its dark humor, creativity, and brashness.


Each cookie of Last Crumb's signature cookies features a unique and memorable name, along with a stream-of-consciousness, creative description. 

truffl branding last crumb dtc food ad

Last Crumb Merchandise & Collateral Design

As a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand, we wanted to create luxury touchpoints that Last Crumb could include as limited edition items.  

The company received dozens of unique merchandise pieces and brand extensions from cookie-scented candles to clothing and everything in between.

Last Crumb Web Design & Development

We designed and developed a custom e-commerce experience for Last Crumb. We created a sense of exclusivity by creating a sense of scarcity. The customer journey is centered around Cookie Drops — limited quantity offerings of cookie boxes designed to sell out. In addition, throughout the site, a live ticker reflects how many cookie boxes remain in each drop as well as a countdown for when the next drop will be live. Finally, we used unique animations and design effects to elevate each detail throughout the customer experience.

truffl branding last crumb dtc food drop page

Last Crumb Brand Photography

Product photography brings Last Crumb's rebellious brand identity to life with high fashion imagery with sex appeal. Together with our photographer, Audrey Ma, we wanted to make one thing clear: these aren't your grandma's chocolate chip cookies.

truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookies
truffl branding last crumb dtc food redvelvet cookie
truffl branding last crumb dtc food lava cookie
truffl branding last crumb dtc food cookies flatlay
truffl branding last crumb dtc food 50 cent cookie

Last Crumb Social Media Graphics & Marketing

We developed Last Crumb’s social media strategy and key content.  Early teaser imagery features iconic rebels like Marylin Monroe and Bill Murray brandishing Last Crumb cookies, among other unique graphic posts.

Truffl is behind the design of this stunning brand. These cookies are baked and packaged with the same attention to detail as the finest wines, and not only are they drop dead gorgeous in every way, but the brand has created a newfound exclusivity and edginess in the cookie industry. I never thought fresh cookies could be sexy, but here we are. With sleek and organized black boxes and semi-transparent individual cookie pouches, extravagant is the only way to describe it.

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