Jean Dousset

Founded by the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier, Jean Dousset is a designer lab diamond and fine jewelry brand that stands for breaking conventions and indulging in one’s desires. 


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Jean Dousset stands for liberating the world’s finest diamonds so individuals can indulge in their desires without compromise by pairing its heritage legacy and storied craftsmanship with an embrace of the revolution of lab diamonds. 

The Process

After decades specializing in crafting mined diamonds, Jean Dousset engaged us to transform the brand offering, narrative, and identity to reflect its transition to solely offering lab-grown diamonds.


We identified an opportunity to change the narrative around lab diamonds, which are often seen as inferior, stigmatized alternatives. While most lab diamond brands focus their value propositions around affordability, we, instead, sought to position Jean Dousset around themes of indulgence, liberation, and empowerment, such that consumers may now acquire the world’s finest, largest, and most personalized diamonds without compromise.

Brand Strategy

The brand’s strategy can be distilled in its slogan “Legacy. Liberated.” which communicates that Jean Dousset is both a keeper of traditions and a breaker of them. The brand applies the same mastery of heritage fine jewelers to the category of lab diamonds. In the process, Jean Dousset stands for breaking down the barriers created by traditional luxury houses in order to create a new paradigm in which taste, desire, and indulgence reign supreme. Furthermore, the brand celebrates empowered, liberated women who select lab diamonds because they are guided by their own taste and desire rather than adhering to the fallacy that mined diamonds are superior.

Brand Voice & Copywriting

Jean Dousset’s brand voice marries refinement with rebelliousness and confidence with poise. We eschewed the term “lab-grown” and instead labeled their products as “Designer Lab Diamonds.” Building off of our strategy to position the brand’s diamonds as superior to mined diamonds, we developed a product slogan of “Diamonds. Perfected.” Finally, a series of evocative taglines include “Never Mined. All Mine." "Forever is a Terrible Thing to Waste." and “BDE - Big. Diamond. Energy.” When taglines are paired with more elevated body copy, the brand bridges the gap between its two pillars of heritage craftsmanship and modern rebelliousness. 

verbal identity jean dousset truffl branding

Brand Identity, Web Design, & Content

Inspired by the cube form of a rough lab diamond and the transformation to faceted perfection, the brand’s logo represents more than initially meets the eye. Within the logo’s square border, a series of lines inspired by the facets of diamonds create both the brand’s initials ‘JD’ and a unique view of a diamond. The logo is applied throughout all brand touchpoints, including the signature facade of its retail stores. The brand’s elegant, yet edgy logotype — featuring angular, sharp serifs similarly inspired by the contours of diamonds — pairs perfectly with the icon.


Additional identity elements allow the brand’s rebellious spirit to truly shine. This includes signature photography effects reminiscent of light refractions hitting diamonds, mixed-type treatments, disruptive layouts, and a color story centered around black with an unexpected, striking blue accent for packaging. 


Working with photographer, Frankie Batista, our studio photography creates a sense of drama, fierceness, and mystery — with themes of shadows and the female form —  while unquestionably making the brand’s products the star. Jean Dousset’s editorial photography and video content personify its idealized target customer who is glamorous, yet feisty; comfortable in her own skin, yet in control of her image; and refined, yet unafraid to release her wild side. Finally, the brand’s website reflects Jean Dousset’s modern luxury positioning, with intentional animations, thoughtful details, and considered layouts that break the mold of the typical jewelry e-commerce site while nevertheless remaining timeless. 

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brand identity jean dousset truffl branding never mined
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Truffl was deeply instrumental in our rebrand. We had a bold vision for the new Jean Dousset and their expertise brought it to life. Their process was so thorough, even though we had an accelerated timeline. I appreciated their thoughtful and deep questions during the brand discovery phase, and feel like they really understood the essence of who we are and where we want to go. The brand’s transformation speaks for itself. The branding looks incredible, and everything was executed flawlessly. We loved working with them so much that we went beyond our original scope. Raphael is very gifted and has created an equally impressive team around him, and we’re so grateful for everything they’ve done for our brand.

Jean Dousset, Founder & CEO