Double Zero

Double Zero is a chain of gourmet, plant-based pizza restaurants, with a cult following, that use imported Italian double zero flour. We helped Double Zero design CPG packaging for their entry to grocery stores.


Brand Identity

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Unlike other frozen pizzas in grocery stores, Double Zero is plant-based, uses only local ingredients, and are handmade from scratch.

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Packaging Description

We developed an elegant yet bold packaging design that showcases the high-quality ingredients inside each and every pizza. The pizza boxes feature die-cut holes over the O's in Double Zero. Pizzas are then vacuum sealed, allowing consumers to view through the packaging the actual ingredients inside of each box. The result is a modern and beautiful black and white box with pops of color from fresh plant-based cheese, heirloom tomatoes, basil, and other signature ingredients.

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As a chef and restaurateur, I have worked with many creative brands on the development of our concepts.  Collaborating with Truffl for our Double Zero brand was an entirely new and refreshing experience which I am grateful for.  Raphael not only brings considerable talent to his projects, but also has the unique ability to integrate the creative process to align with the client he is working with and to define both what a brand means and how it looks. The results consistently surpass expectations, which is more than a client could ever hope for.

Matthew Kenney, Celebrity Chef