With six locations across North America, Catch has transformed the dining industry by combining high end cuisine with a see-and-be-seen party atmosphere. As perhaps the most star-studded restaurant group in the world, Catch regularly serves the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and the Kardashians. 


Content Production

Graphic Design

Social Media




More than simply a restaurant, Catch is an experience that blends fine dining level food, the energy of a nightclub, and Instagram-worthy moments throughout their venues and menu. 

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The TRUFFL team tasted the entire menu at each Catch location, reviewed their existing social media and content, interviewed restaurant ownership, marketing and culinary teams, and dove deep into the competitive landscape.  We aimed to develop content that showcased not only high quality cuisine but also ENERGY, vibrancy, motion, hit music and culture. With the help of top tier motion graphics specialists, photographers, graphic designers and videographers, we developed hundreds of pieces of content for the Catch Restaurant Group.

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We produced dozens of photoshoots at each Catch location, developing content not only for each menu item, but also tailored to countless different occasions like brunch, summertime, lunch, and different key areas in their Los Angeles and New York restaurants. 

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Videos & Ads

Catch’s brand has a strong affinity with music, signature video content showcases menu items in energetic and dynamic pieces set to hip-hop, R&B and pop hits. Featuring polished motion graphics and well-timed edits, each piece is meant to celebrate the unique experience that is dining at Catch.

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One of the “most Instagrammed restaurants in the world.”

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