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Raphael Farasat

CEO & Creative Director

Raphael is an award-winning creative director, brand strategist, and serial entrepreneur who has developed over 100 consumer brands collectively valued at over $500 MM.  He brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial, brand strategy, and advertising talent that he has applied to consulting for globally recognized brands like Tesla, Sonos, Linkedin, Fox, Catch, and Accor Hotel Group as well as serving as a founding partner to 20+ companies, including Last Crumb, BetterBrand, Sweet Nothings, and Barcode. Raphael is a Guest Lecturer on branding at Stanford University and has been featured in various publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, The Dieline, and The LA Times. 




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Raphael Farasat founded TRUFFL Members Club - an invitation-only members club for influencers and creatives who came together over once-in-a-lifetime events. In 2016, Raphael expanded TRUFFL to become a Creative Agency and Venture Studio in order to apply his entrepreneurial experience and branding background to develop the vision behind brands and help them scale. In this role, Raphael has earned various awards, helped clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars in financing and worked with companies ranging from industry leaders like Heineken, Spotify, Sonos, Tesla, Linkedin, Amyris and Fox along with startups, restaurants, hotel groups, venture capital firms and more.

Truffl was founded by Raphael Farasat. A serial entrepreneur, award-winning creative director, brand strategist & angel investor.

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Raphael has been profiled in publications such as entrepreneur, Fast Company, New York Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. He guest lectures at Stanford Design School on branding and leads branding workshops for venture capital firms and startups.

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