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Raphael Farasat

About Raphael Farasat

Raphael Farasat is the CEO & Founder of TRUFFL, a serial entrepreneur and award-winning creative director. 

Born and raised in LA, Raphael earned dual bachelor degrees from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in Entrepreneurship & Marketing and the Hutton Honors College in Creative Writing.  After college, Raphael packed up for a solo trip around-the-world, living in South America and falling in love with the cultures of Japan, Southeast Asia, and Australia.  

Coming home from that journey, Raphael craved the spontaneous discovery and unique experiences from his travels.  This led him to create TRUFFL Members’ Club — an invitation-only community for leading creatives who come together over unique dining experiences.  Since its launch, TRUFFL’s Members Club has sold-out every event, launched a digital magazine, and served thousands of members in Los Angeles.

While running TRUFFL, Raphael pursued a JD/MBA at Loyola Marymount University with a concentration in Mergers & Acquisition and Marketing.  Learning earlier than many that the law was not his calling, Raphael dropped out to pursue TRUFFL full-time — turning the company into a leading boutique creative agency, strategic consultancy and brand incubator.

Raphael is passionate about using his entrepreneurial experience, aesthetics, and marketing background to develop the vision behind brands and help them scale.  In this role, Raphael has earned various awards, helped clients raise upwards of $800 million in financing, and worked with brands ranging from industry leaders like Heineken, Spotify, Sonos, Tesla, and FX along with startups, restaurants, hotels, venture capital firms and more.

In 2017, Raphael became a partner in Pink Dot, helping the legendary Los Angeles brand relaunch and become poised for national growth.

Raphael has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, New York Magazine, the LA Times, Eater, Racked, Angeleno, and LA Confidential.  He speaks on topics such as personal branding, real estate marketing, and developing a career in line with your creative purpose.

Raphael lives in LA and is spends his free time uncovering the city’s hidden gems, eating out and cooking, traveling, exercising, and with his dog, Bondi.